Exams begin tomorrow and I am well into my scheduled annual (well, not really) freakout and last-minute cramming, but a quick word to say that I have, indeed, been eating. If not well all the time, then at the very least, eating. To that end I leave you with today’s mid-afternoon lunch, cobbled together in 20 minutes from stuff in the fridge and piled inelegantly on some whole-wheat toast. No marks for presentation, but for something that disappears in 5 minutes… well.

I like open-faced sandwiches. Ordinary sandwiches are nice too, but there’s something wonderfully over-the-top about a high ratio of filling to bread. Bacon, and sliced mushrooms fried in the same fat plus balsamic vinegar, black pepper and thyme. Several smears of Kewpie. A couple of slow-roasted tomatoes, and a twist or two of black pepper to finish. The sort of hodgepodge concoction to be eaten while hot and crisp, standing at the counter, and improved possibly only by a few slices of avocado – regrettably not on hand.

Off to talk at a wall in Japanese, but will be back sometime with more noms.

A note on the tomatoes: they are terribly handy to have around for quick lunches like these, but will spurt juices all over the table if you’re less than careful with the biting. Take ’em whole in the mouth. 

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3 thoughts on “not-so-hidden-mickey

  1. 7ese on said:

    Fuck man you always take the most simple ingredients and turn them into some kind of miracle

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