It’s been a flurry of activity since exams ended – well, i say that, but really it’s been filled with eating, travelling between places to run errands, a spur-of-the-moment plan for a trip to Paris (tomorrow) and not having enough space to breathe. There are a million things to do before I leave London for the next 1.5 years (and now that it’s typed here it looks so long and scary), all involving tedious administrative things that must be done. No end should be left loose; though, I left too little time to say a proper goodbye. But to be honest, there’s never really enough time for a proper goodbye.

The other day I managed to ‘fulfil someone’s dreams’ of picnicking in Hyde Park on a summer day (his image of what British summers are like), and we sat under a tree snacking on olives, cookies, ginger beer and the like. It was a suitably idyllic day lounging on the grass with idle chat (does talk of Orientalism, hybridity and job-hunting count?) and giggling at 男性高校生の日常 videos, the kind of day that verged on too-hot, but somehow left me all wistful and sad. It already feels like an eternity ago: lying down looking at the foliage above, listening to Tiger & Dragon from my phone. That was the third time I’d ever met him – each time we’d been out somewhere in a park, eating and talking – and as usual I’m regretting, again, not hanging out with him more.

He asked me if I would miss London, and I said no, and then I backtracked and said I didn’t know. It’s true and it’s not true. I won’t miss it in itself (perhaps the food) but all those who are here, and they won’t be here forever. All nomads of sorts, mobile and temporary, they’re leaving in ones and twos and trickling out of this city. Most of them’ll leave, eventually, and so will I.

Off to another city for a few days, then back to London for the World Street Food Festival. See you back here.

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