the stuff of nostalgia


It was hardly a week ago, but it already seems like a distant memory. Five of us from the Nabe Society (as we call ourselves) including our new recruit the Himesama headed down to Kyoto for Christmas, and had the time of our lives there. We barely did any of the usual touristy things – we didn’t go temple or shrine-hopping, nor did we visit any traditional gardens and spot any maiko. Instead, we cooked and ate our way through the holidays. Only a week ago, and I miss the way we made dirty jokes over hotpot, how we mixed Calpis and sake and pronounced it awesome, all the things we talked about as we ate. I miss the warmth and love in this scene.

So many memorable moments in 2012 with the people I love, and much of them inseparable from food. Borough Market with C. Ghanaian street food in Exmouth Market with Z. Salted gula melaka milkshake with K in KL. Gelato with YX and S near Trafalgar Square. Banh mi and late night walks in Takadanobaba with J. Yakitori with N in Kanazawa. Bibimbap with JY. Shirasu-don with MQ in Enoshima. Fan tuan with my whole family in Taipei. Hotpot with the Nabe Society. Mangosteens with G. Spaghetti tetrazzini with S.

2012 has been exceptionally good to me, even with all the rubbish bits. This year I get to live, study and eat all kinds of food in Tokyo; best of all, so many of the people I love are here in Japan with me. One year on, and I still have no idea what I want to do in the future. But I’m looking forward to finding out in 2013.

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2 thoughts on “the stuff of nostalgia

  1. Love – Nomming your way through life!!!! Happy New year!

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