speaking of christmas


If you have met me in meatspace you may have rather quickly arrived at the realisation that I am not the most coherent or articulate person. Whether in Japanese or English, I’m prone to trailing off mid-sentence, and have been told that I mumble and tend not to enunciate. Q&A sessions during debating days were the worst. I have often thought that if I could type out my answers in real-life conversations it would be far more fruitful for all involved. I listen to conversations more often than I add to them (much to my own distress, too).

Despite all these verbal shortcomings, here I am hosting Superfry, a podcast about Japanese food! 


Superfry is not something I ever imagined would happen. But YJ, a good friend who founded this show, asked a couple of months ago if I was interested in getting involved in SOAS Radio. Her show is in Mandarin Chinese and I can no more host in that language than I can scramble eggs (yes really) so it would have to be my own show. Since I have a one-track mind (the Renaissance ideal remains elusive), a Japanese food talk show was the obvious answer that filled in a blank on an list of music-heavy podcasts.

As it turns out, several friends thought so too, and Superfry – which almost became Gochisou or The Gourmet Club – ended up being a far larger team than I anticipated. 15 people, to be precise. That’s a lot of people for a podcast team. But after many emails, meetings, gnashed teeth, a recording session and much miscommunication… we finally released our first episode last week about tonkotsu ramen! And a second episode about Christmas and New Year’s!


Anyway, I hope you’ll give us a listen. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, so you’ll have to listen to the show to find out what it’s about. But so far, we’re all about light banter and cheery ambles through the world of Japanese food. We talked a lot about marinated ramen eggs in the first episode. Our Christmas special features fried chicken and a pit of tigers. We also like silly and awkward.

We hope to get better with each episode! Stay tuned for next month’s episode 🙂

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