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This space has been a little quiet, though I assure you my headspace has been anything but. It’s been a strangely eventful few weeks – my grandmother’s hip surgery, a brief sojourn to Bandung where I ate some bloody amazing porridge, a whole lot of writing. Not all the writing has been especially good, but what they say about the practice is extremely true – the more you write, the easier it gets. The words begin to spill in small spurts, rather than agonising trickles.

Anyway: I’m mighty excited about a new project I began a few days ago – it’s a weekly newsletter featuring excellent long form writing (and interesting finds generally) across an eclectic range of subjects. Furochan Reads will feature essays on food, of course, but I’ll also share writing on art, sex, gender issues, politics, fashion, literature, film, science – anything that has caught my fancy. I never was good at focusing on just one subject.

Friends have told me from time to time that my Facebook linkspam is actually interesting, and this is a way to consolidate and share all this great writing with anyone who’s actually interested. The world often presents itself to me through a culinary lens, but in truth I just enjoy learning and reading about pretty much anything. I’m super stoked about next week’s newsletter – it features some of my favourite Chinese-language music in time for Chinese New Year! In addition to a bunch of other cool reads, of course.

There will be an actual food-related post here soon. I promise. But in the meantime, you can sign up for Furochan Reads right here – the first newsletter will be delivered to your inboxes on Friday 13 at 3pm Tokyo time. I hope you like it.

See you soon!

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