writing on roads & kingdoms

The persimmons will be back next post: this is a quick n’ dirty announcement just to let you know that Roads & Kingdoms published a short piece that I pitched to them last month. I’m really happy to have some of my writing up there since they publish some lovely food writing and journalism there! 

One bite, and I understood what kept him coming back all those years. It was chewy, with a slight saltiness augmented by the faintly sweet, cheap-bitter coffee-soaked dough. “Yau zhar kwai must go with coffee one. Or soy bean milk. Or hong dao. Red bean also very nice.”

They did shorten the piece considerably so that it fits the tone of their column somewhere (which is fine), and they also changed the title from ‘Salt’ to what it is now (without my knowledge; not so fine). Not super keen about that but it’s something to remember for next time. Given the way other pieces are titled in there, I‘m pretty sure mine’s not the only one to have had an unfortunate clickbait change. 

I’d like to publish the full version of this piece in another form one day – maybe as an illustrated zine – and if it happens, I’ll keep y’all posted. In the meantime, you can read it over here

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