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Photo by Rebecka Wolfe

HELLO THERE! (日本語版はこちろへ

I’m a writer and photographer based in Tokyo.
Things I shoot/write about include food, travel, travel-in-Japan, books, walking, plants, places.
From time to time, I wear other hats: travel consultant, tour guide, translator, interpreter, transcriber.
After leaving my home country (Malaysia), I spent a few years in London and Kyoto before moving to Tokyo.
My newsletter is called the adventures of furochan.
You can find me on Instagram for food, doors, and plants.
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Let’s be real – I like playing with my food as much as I love eating. I am unashamedly plebeian in my love for breaking egg yolks and jiggling custard.

Other gustatory loves: tendrils of cream diffusing through inky coffee, the way fresh croissants flake and shatter when you first bite into them, how soup curry hugs your stomach, the pillowy give and sigh of mochi filled with miso-spiked white bean paste.

I’ve been writing (sporadically) about food in a personal and professional capacity for some years now.


At any given time I am reading a book or five, and annotating memorable pages on IG Stories.

All genres are fair game. I love essays, memoirs, fiction, and words on food, travel, moss, rain, science, trees, writing. Books are my lifeline into the world outside of Japan, which can feel a little like its own world at times (the Galapagos comparison really is apt).

With books, there’s always the nagging sensation of more out there, of never reading broadly or deeply enough. Still – one can try. Recommendations are always welcome.

This space may see a reading list one day.


Doorways of Asia is my photography project consisting mainly of doors in Japan.

Door photos are not particularly new or novel, but doors are nonetheless fascinating. To me, they feel like liminal spaces, hovering at the threshold of the external and internal, delineating boundaries. They represent choices and possibilities. Each one has its own story. Metaphorical musings aside, doors are also infinitely variable in shape, size, and style, and are thus endlessly charming. In Japan, particularly, a delightfully vast range of door-related paraphernalia includes all kinds of noren curtains, ornately woven rice-straw New Year wreaths, colorful potted aloes, little purifying saucers of salt, and more.

In the spirit of door-related wordplay and Japan in-jokes, you can find my photographs of noren curtains on Instagram at #norennolife buried in a photo feed of a random celebrity called Ren.


It began with moss-covered temples in Kyoto and burgeoned into a deep, quiet love for all manner of plants – whether in forests, mountains, or city sidewalks. I especially love staring at the undersides of leaves when the sunlight shines through, throwing into relief the minute, delicate tracery of these leaf veins. These days I often spend hours photographing plants in gardens, greenhouses, forests, and urban spaces.


I make awful puns, all the time.


・iPhone 7. I take 90% of my shots with this. It’s fast, discreet, and does the job.
・Fujifilm XT2 for more cinematic shooting and portraiture. I love this camera.
・Fujifilm 35mm/F1.4 as my main lens.
・Sony NEX-6 for the very rare video occasion, such as this.