myself+classmatephoto by JQL

Hello, internet! My name is Florentyna Leow, but my friends call me furo-chan. In English this would probably translate to something like ‘little bathtub’. The above photo is an accurate representation of my predilection for doofy faces. My classmate looks pretty fly as usual.

I love eating, and think incessantly about what to eat next – except, of course, when I’m thinking about what I last ate. Sometimes I cook in my head as a way to fall asleep. I claim not to like sweet things much (which is true) but will more often than not order dessert out of curiosity. Queuing sucks but I often find myself standing in line for hours for a meal. There is very little I won’t try at least once, barring insects and bad food (or more accurately, food-that-i-already-know-will-be-crap).

This happens more than is probably healthy, so I figured I should try writing about it.

Me Photographing Food

Yes, I am That Person who takes photos of all their meals.

I love words as much as I do food, so this blog is a space for food writing, but also for all the bits of life that get tangled up with the eating. You might hear about ice cream, stews, drifting through Japan, meeting strangers, frustration with life. All of these are as true as remembered experiences can be.

Because people often ask: my first language is English and I grew up in Malaysia. I also speak Chinese, Malay and Japanese, the last probably most fluently out of all my non-native tongues.

I also watch anime and films, and enjoy singing/listening to Japanese folk music and enka. While in London I briefly performed with the SOAS Min’yo Group, which sounds amazing until you realise I wasn’t a musician but just lent a little more volume to a group of fantastic singers. But it was one of the highlights of having lived and studied in the UK.

I am surgically attached to my phone (ok not really la) and all photos on this blog are mine and copyrighted, unless noted. No stealing. Not even borrowing unless you have my explicit permission in writing, which is Not Very Likely.

You can totally hire me to write – about food, life, the best places to eat wherever I’ve been in Japan, whatever.

I would like to hear from you at furochan(dot)eats(at)gmail(dot)com!




3 thoughts on “About

  1. The picture of you taking the picture is great!

  2. Hi,
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you want to participate you find the rules and my questions at this link. If you will not, than take my message as a compliment for your blog, which I like very much. Thank you, Marion. https://japankaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/liebster-award/

  3. I take photos of almost everything I eat too. Sometimes, I look at some friend’s face, and the expression is like: “Oh, no. She’s at it again. When can we eat?” LOL.

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