Tokyo Eggventure

Sweet, creamy egg sandwiches. Perfectly jiggly hot spring eggs concealing bright orange yolks within. Raw eggs on hot rice, whipped into a rich, foamy slurp. These dishes are some of life’s simplest, most vital pleasures, and Japan is one of the best places to enjoy them.

Join me on Tokyo Eggventure, where I take you on a walk around my neighbourhood. We’ll sample some super tasty and eggy snacks, starting with the humble convenience store and finishing with a gut-busting lunch – involving eggs, naturally. If you have the space afterwards, we’ll even do dessert.

This is just scratching the surface of Tokyo’s egg world – but it’s a damn good place to start.

How long: 3-4 hours. Involves leisurely walking – please wear comfortable shoes. May involve one subway ride, factored into the cost of the tour.

What you get: 3-4 snacks (two of which are moderately substantial), coffee/tea, lunch (varies depending on the tour; may involve raw eggs). You’ll also get some serious #eggporn, a crash course in the art of breaking a yolk, and all my worst egg jokes. Come hungry.

How much: JPY30,000 per person and JPY6,000 for every additional person. Maximum of 7 participants, whether it’s a private or group tour.

What that means: Private 1-person tour – JPY30,000; private 2-person tour – JPY36,000.

Sign me up! At present, all tours are conducted on a private basis.

Please contact me for dates at least one month in advance of your intended travel dates. I am a one-woman operation, and I have many eggs in my basket. I would love to be able to fit you into my calendar!

For all tours, there will be a cancellation fee of JPY12,000 within 10 days. I clear my calendar months in advance, and any cancellations have very real ramifications on my schedule/work. Thank you for your understanding!

There may be group tour dates to sign up for at some point in the future, so keep watching this space!

Payment: Once dates have been confirmed, I will send you a link for purchase and payment via my online shop on Big Cartel.

Please note that there is a 4% tax levied on checkout – this is to cover the cost of credit card transaction fees. Thank you for your understanding!

Important things to note

Unfortunately, this tour is not suitable for vegetarians or those with food allergies. (I know! It’s hard in Japan. Alas.)

Importantly, we may also consume raw eggs. Eating them raw is par for the course in Japan, and egg-related food poisoning is extremely rare. But if you are at risk at all (e.g. pregnancy) or don’t feel comfortable with the possibility, this tour is not for you. Join at your own risk.

Please read the payments, cancellations, and liability page before contacting me!