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What Do We Expect From Chefs? — Reflections on Sushi Dining in Tokyo
On expectations of service staff and learning to walk away. 

Living Without Mobile Data in Japan (Medium)
Not having a data plan since 2015. 

at world’s end (Boundless)
A travel essay about the Oshika Peninsula, partially devastated by the 2011 tsunami.


What is Kaiseki? (Lucky Peach)
Musings on Japanese fine dining published online at the now-defunct magazine.

What To Do When It Rains in Japan (Boutique Japan)
Ideas for whiling the hours away during my favourite season.

1-Day Tokyo Vegetarian Eating Itinerary (Truly Tokyo)
A full day of vegetarian (!) eating in Tokyo. 

Tokyo Foodie Itinerary (Truly Tokyo)
A full day of eating in Tokyo, from tuna in Tsukiji to cocktails at the iconic New York Bar. 

Setouchi Cominca Stays, Uchiko (DMO)
Travel copy about luxury rental properties in Uchiko, and the various charms of Ehime prefecture.

You Have to Eat These Dishes in Fukuoka (Boutique Japan)
Some of the best food in the south of Japan is in this charming port city.

Yamaguchi-san (Echoes: Writers in Kyoto Anthology 2017)
A vignette about encountering a 105-year old lady in Kyoto. Awarded runner-up in the Writers in Kyoto 2017 competition.

The Illicit Pleasure of Secret Indulgences (Roads and Kingdoms)
A vignette about eating oil-fried devils with my dad.

Playground of the Gods (WILD Magazine)
A travel narrative about hiking in Hokkaido.

Welcome to the Weird Hotel! (Oryx, Qatar Airways)
In which I contrast a traditional Japanese ryokan and a hotel staffed by robots.

Sweet Nostalgia: A Translation (Umamimart)
I translated a short essay by Sawako Agawa about nostalgic food and flavours.

Hyperart Thomasson: Vignettes (ZenVita)
Stories about Thomassons – strange architectural phenomena.

Doors of Kyoto: A Photography Project (ZenVita)
An introduction to my door photography in Kyoto.

Interview with Chef Minoru Yonekawa, Mamezen (Japan Two)
On soymilk ramen, bucking the trend, and Couchsurfing. Conducted in Japanese, translated into English.

4 Must-Eat Noodles in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Silverkris)
Some truly awesome slurps in the capital city.

Furochan Eats Tohoku (YouTube Video: Tohoku365)
Once I made a video for a competition. It made the finals and was a great learning process.

Sapporo’s Soup Curry is a Joy Forever (Until You Finish Eating It) (Umamimart)
Soup curry is still one of my favourite things to eat in Japan.

Store Street Espresso (Londonist)
I used to hang out here as a student.